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Viña el Aromo

Spectacularly reliable and consistent every-day drinkers from the Maule Valley in Chile.

We've shipped these fabulous, value for money wines for over 20 years and have sold hundreds of thousands of bottles.

Established in 1922 and growing ever since, Viña el Aromo produces a wide range of grape varieties and vinifies them carefully including hand picking. Maule Valley is in the southern part of Chile's Central Valley. This area is home to the largest vineyards in Chile and has a tradition of growing grapes going back to the 17th century. Between the Andes and the Chilean Coast Range, the Maule Valley benefits from a significant temperature variation between day and night, with its rainy season restricted mainly to winter. These conditions produce terrific grapes, with lots of colour, flavour and aroma, which in turn, make terrific wine!

Viña el Aromo Wines

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