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Wine-Boutique Sudbury's beer taps

We have four taps
Tap 1
is always Visor. An unpasteurised Pilsner 5% - brewed and kegged for us since 2008 by
7th generation Flemish brewers.

Tap 2
is a rotating New England styled IPA from our friends at Burnt Mill Brewery in Stowmarket. Strong, murky and hoppy and always delicious.

Tap 3
is also from Burnt Mill and is a rotating West Coast styled IPA; clear,
strong and über hoppy.

Tap 4
is usually something left field and unusual. Currently it has
Gulden Draak Classic. At 10.5% abv we only sell it in halves! 

And then there's our wall of Belgian and German bottled beer, all available to take home or drink in.

The Wall of Beer
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