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The home of Visor

Travelling around Europe buying wine exposed me to the amazing Lagers sold there, writes John Greenwold, Wine Boutique buyer. So why was the stuff sold back home so awful? Why do we make the best real ale in the world but the worst lager?

So in 2009 I set about creating a brand that I could get a European brewer to make for me to my specification. A beer that I could sell to pubs and restaurants that visually and in style wouldn't shock a Stella Artois drinker but that would be properly brewed without pasteurisation.

So a paradox; beer for the masses and the connoisseur.

After some searching, a seventh generation Flemish brewer called Jef agreed to help...

I designed the brand in house so no 1000 year history, rather a tongue-in-cheek reference to the visors worn by members of a mythical order of knights called the Order of the Mashing Fork that may or may not have guarded the Flemish monk brewers of ancient times.

Brewed to the highest possible standards in the country most suited to brew it.

Belgium's best kept secret
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